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My educational background is a public school education, graduation from high school in Aberdeen, Washington in 1960, and attending various community college courses, mostly in the computer field. I served in the U.S. Navy for four years after high school prior to, and during, the Vietnam war. My specialty there was as a Radioman, so I have been in communications essentially my entire adult life. I have been in telecommunications since before it was known as anything but "The Telephone Company"......as of October 10th, 1966 to be exact. I was hired by Pacific Northwest Bell at that time to assign and track all of the cable facilities in a two county area of Washington State, based in Aberdeen. I filled several capacities at that location, including test-center technician, cable design engineering assistant, and residence installer and repairman.

I transferred to Vancouver, Washington in the mid '70's, where I received training in small business (Key) and large business (PBX) telephone systems. I continued there until the early '80's, when I transferred to Portland, Oregon. In late '86, I applied for, and was accepted into a select group of AT&T® PBX Software Implementation Managers. It was in this capacity I was able to gain knowledge of the inner workings of the most prevalent telephone system in the U.S.

I was offered an early retirement from AT&T®, which was experiencing one of it's many force-reductions, in late 1990, which I accepted. Being forty-eight years young, I wasn't ready to retire, so my wife, and WMA's CEO, Sharon and I invested the AT&T® retirement inducement bonus we had received into a small company to continue the only line of work I know....telecommunications.

With additional personal funds Sharon and I have invested heavily in our company in AT&T®-specific, cutting-edge telecommunications equipment so as to give credibility to our claim of a commitment to customer service and satisfaction by having equipment in inventory, not just available "next day". We are committed to our company's success, and therefore our clients' satisfaction, with our hearts, minds, and pocketbook.

In summation, SERVICE is the only thing we can offer, as all the rest is just a pass-through from Avaya®, from whom we prefer to distance ourselves so as to maintain the independence to provide that service instead of becoming just another one of their sales arms with quotas to meet, blurring our intended goals. It is my intention to continue the education necessary to be able to provide the quality of service we demand of ourselves to keep our clients on the "bleeding edge" of technology in the telecommunications industry, wherever that leads.

Walter S. Medak

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