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"Definitely Not" Dealer Casts Unique Identity
In Market of "Gray" Samenes

Reprint from the Telecom Reseller written by Doug Green, 2000.

With "Definitely Not A Avaya® Authorized Dealer" as a company slogan, Walt Medak & Associates presents a set of very unique qualities in a telecom market often noted for the sameness of vendors. While some independent dealers and service companies downplay their lack of connection or official nod of grace from Avaya®, Medak celebrates his independence as a distinguishing virtue. Many companies simply buy and sell Avaya® products, but take a hands off approach after delivery. Not Medak. He offers a scope of unique services that include round-the-clock switch monitoring. And while many in the secondary market have migrated to near-complete dealer or distributor status with the OEM, Medak has pointed his company in the opposite direction. With a basket of goods and services, he's there for the Avaya® user who wants an alternative to working with the OEM.

Walt Medak opened his doors in 1990 after a career at AT&T® where he last worked as a Systems Implementation Specialist. Like many of his colleagues in the alternate channel, the former "phone company guy" took his telco and AT&T® product knowledge and combined them with his own ideas about customer needs to create Walt Medak & Associates. Since then, the Vancouver, Washington company has evolved a great deal. Locally, within the three state area of the Northwest, Medak is an interconnect, offering anything from a single set to a complete turnkey installation of a full system. But from servicing that base, he created a distinct set of services which now is offered nationally. "RMATS began with us watching some of the switches of our local customers." RMATS, or "remote maintenance administration technical services" of Definity® PBXs, is a service that works with the Definity's® native software. According to Medak, "Avaya's® Definity® is light years ahead of other switches in the market in its ability to monitor itself and to indicate potential future problems." This capacity, combined with Medak's own RMATS system, allows him to offer customers the ability to be paged before their switch develops a problem, or to have a Medak-furnished technician address the problem before a switch crashes or becomes impaired.

"We began this as a program to enhance our offerings to our local customers, but today we monitor over 200 switches nationwide." Real time information from these switches is relayed directly to Medak's Vancouver offices where his unique system silently watches over each PBX, always prepared to page the designated field technician or telecom manager in advance of any problems. "Our customers get complete support." Medak's RMATS offering is one of several, which makes him "definitely not" like many other resellers. Another distinguishing service is his ability to provide his customers with off-site data storage. In relation to the RMATS, which alert the user or the attending technician to upcoming problems, off-site storage allows the PBX administrator to store critical switch data that would be needed in the event of disaster recovery. "We are able to store the information and data you would need to get your switch up and running after an episode or an event. We are basically providing all of the support you need to keep the switch running, or to recover the switch after an unforeseen event," Medak said.

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These two services, combined with secondary market equipment sales, shapes his three-sided approach to offering users independence from the OEM. Users can buy the equipment they need through Medak's secondary market operation, can perform asset management by selling out-of-service or surplus equipment, and then can obtain technical and data storage support for on-going operations. "This is attractive to any Avaya® user, whether he has one switch or more. It's especially attractive to people managing remote sites because we can deliver more then just a circuit pack to that remote site - we can deliver the exact service that site needs and provide it at the exact time that site needs it." Related services include technicians whose services users can purchase by the quarter-hour increment. "Our prices are lower than the OEMs and extremely competitive with any other solution available" Medak reported.

Being something of a rebel in a staid technical market was not what one might have expected out of a company described as "telecom nerds". "We actually get into the technology, know it cold and make ourselves available to anyone stuck with an un-cooperative or non-functioning switch." While Medak has high praise for Avaya's® products and superior design, he simply believes that users are looking for alternatives to the OEM for support, service and post-installation product needs. "We are offering people choices, backed up by a decade of experience and a proven track record of knowing how to keep a Avaya® switch running. And sometimes, even the most loyal customer of the OEM needs a choice." While Medak may have ended up running a company in many ways different from the one he conjured up a decade ago; the idea of offering customers more independence seems to remain a constant commitment. With his "Definitely Not" moniker in place, Medak seems to be making the case for the original idea of an "alternative channel": choice!

Learn About Walt

Headquartered in Vancouver, Washington, Walt Medak & Associates, Inc. (WMA) was created in 1990 by Walt Medak with other former AT&T®/Avaya® personnel specializing in service, maintenance and technical support of Avaya® telecommunications equipment for interconnects, technicians and businesses. WMA maintains a professionally staffed facility and, providing services to our local customer base, we were forced into learning how the RMATS features work. We have since become gurus and offer this capability to our contemporaries nationwide.

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WMA works with current Avaya® technology including AVAYA® Communication Manager and on classic Avaya® technology such as Definity®, System75® and Intuity®. We offer remote technical services such as data recovery, system administration, switch alarm monitoring and notification, trouble-shooting and documentation. WMA maintains an extensive manual library for reference and can obtain system manuals and user guides for your use. Our Tier III technicians are available for complex applications assistance. We are actively researching and developing our abilities to provide products and services such as those which facilitate data, video conferencing, cellular service and wireless networks on an ongoing basis to keep current.

WMA has provided services for all branches of the United States Military, The United States Federal Reserve Banks, the State of Oregon, the State of Washington, Penn State University, Southeast Missouri State University, Western University, Saint Martin’s University, City University, the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office as well as many other small and large corporations.

WMA Technical Helpline:
RMATS telephone assistance is available on a fee-per-occasion basis.
Utilizing dial-up system software, the HELPLINE can remotely access
the telephone system for programming and technical assistance and be
accessed via your system's diagnostics, if capable.

WMA 24-Hour, 7-Day/Week Option:
WMA offers complete RMATS switch monitoring and customer service
any time, day or night, including weekends and holidays. Covering
technicians are equipped with cellular telephones, voicemail that pages
them and laptop computers to assist them when a switch calls with an

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